TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageDate
Pastor Rick FisteSight Recovery...for the Blind...Luke 4181920 SeriesPASTOR RICK FISTELuke 4:18-20Sunday,
September 8, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteFreedom for the Prisoners (Message 2 in the LUKE 4181920 Series)PASTOR RICK FISTELuke 4:18-20Sunday,
September 1, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteGood News For The PoorPASTOR RICK FISTELuke 4:18-19Sunday,
August 25, 2019
Teena GitzingerTeena GitzingerSunday,
August 18, 2019
Pastor Rick Fiste“Pessimism Needs a Kick in the Cants”PASTOR RICK FISTEPhilippians 4:8Sunday,
August 11, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWHY CHURCH: For TransformationPASTOR RICK FISTERomans 12:1-2, Joshua 3:5Sunday,
July 28, 2019
Pastor Rick Fiste“WHY CHURCH: For Healing”PASTOR RICK FISTELuke 5: 17-26Sunday,
July 21, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWhy Church?..."A Safe Place"PASTOR RICK FISTEJohn 8:7-12Sunday,
July 7, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWhy Church?..."The Untouchables"PASTOR RICK FISTEMatthew 8:1-3Sunday,
June 30, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWhy Church?...Why even ask the question?PASTOR RICK FISTEHebrews 10:24-25; Matthew 18:19-20Sunday,
June 23, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteThe "GoodFather"PASTOR RICK FISTEJames 1:12-18Sunday,
June 16, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteGod UnexpectedPASTOR RICK FISTEActs 2:7-12Sunday,
June 9, 2019
Pastor Rick Fiste“Real Life, Real Faith: A Full Faith”PASTOR RICK FISTEGenesis 22: 1-19Sunday,
June 2, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteReal Life, Real Faith: GREAT FaithPASTOR RICK FISTEMatthew 8: 8-10, Matthew 15: 25-28Sunday,
May 26, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteReal Life.Real Faith."Little Faith"PASTOR RICK FISTEMatthew 6:30;8:26;14:31;17:20Sunday,
May 19, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteRuth RevealedPASTOR RICK FISTERuth 4:13-16Sunday,
May 12, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteSamson Had ParentsPASTOR RICK FISTEJudges 3:1-5Sunday,
May 5, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteLiving WaterPASTOR RICK FISTEJohn 4:9-14Sunday,
April 28, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWhen EMPTY is a Good Thing!PASTOR RICK FISTEMatthew 28: 1-7Sunday,
April 21, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteWant to Know Him?PASTOR RICK FISTEPhilippians 3:10-11Sunday,
April 14, 2019
Pastor Rick FisteDon’t Worry, Be Happy?PASTOR RICK FISTEPhilippians 4:8Sunday,
April 7, 2019

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